Pukaskwa Coastal Trail Hike Planning

Pukaskwa Hike Planning

One of the hardest things about the Pukaskwa Coastal hiking trail (besides the actual hiking) is the logistics involved with planning the trip. Thisertk 60-km trek is considered one of the toughest in the province and it is recommended that you take 5-7 days to complete one way of the linear trail.

Perks for going with a guide:

  • They dehydrate and organize all of the food
  • Sharing of group equipment
  • They come equipped with safety gear like Sat Phone or SPOT messenger
  • They cook your meals (and do dishes too)
  • They organize the one-way boat shuttle to (or from the trail)

Adventurers Dave and Deb from The Planet D recently hiked this trail with Naturally Superior Adventures – you can read about their trip prep and planning here on their blog.