Northland College Poetry Installment, Week 3

Posting these poems every week is giving me lots of different ways of thinking about the lake, and I’m loving it. I hope all of you out in the world wide web are enjoying them too! Happy Thursday!

This week’s poem is by Katie Mumford:

The lake is very big and cold.

It screams power and intensity with its

roaring waves and crashing thunder

My strength comes from within, solely and fully

even in my darkest times and weary hours

there’s always a way to pull that strength

from within the depths of my sore and

aching body.

I am connected to this lake

all its power, attitude, beauty,

and memories.

I am connected to the memories

that connect me back to people

which connect me to myself.

My strength comes from within

It comes from the lake

The lake is Superior.

Thanks Katie!