Northland College Poetry Installment, Week 2

This week’s poem is by Evan Rogt. Thanks Evan!

Canadian Dreamin’

The lake is a beautiful blonde Canadian gift

Waiting with beer and huge cleavage

For my great American ego to conquer

She sits staring back with her Baby Wawa Blues

Smiling with graceful intent of a deep night

Drip Drop Pound Pound Pound

The rain that so drops and drops and pounds

Puts me to sleep thinking of her shapely supple legs

My strength comes the moment I do

Arriving at present the spot that she sees so fit

I am connected by so many organs to her

Heart, brain, hand, paddle

I am connected by eyes to her beautiful pale lips

Known as granite green stone

By touch to her slap known as bitter cold

By love known as rain

It drives me mad, keeps me down and out

Under shelter

But so Damn connected

The lake is my beautiful Blue eyed Blond haired

Canadian girl

Waiting with beer and a warm bed

Sleep tight baby, rock me tonight Eh ?