Is your boat fit for the water?

Going boating in Canada this summer? Don’t forget to take a minute to check Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide.

Here’s what you need to know: Canoes, kayaks and rowboats under 6m (19’8″) in length:

  1. One (1) Canadian-approved personal flotation device or lifejacket of appropriate size for each person on board
  2. One (1) buoyant heaving line no less than 15 m (49’3”) in length
  3. One (1) manual propelling device (i.e paddle)(for more detailed description, refer to the manual propelling device definition) OR An anchor with no less than 15 m (49’3”) of cable, rope or chain in any combination
  4. One (1) bailer OR One (1) manual water pump fitted with or accompanied by sufficient hose to enable a person using the pump to discharge water from the bilge of the vessel over the side of the vessel
  5. A sound-signaling device or a sound-signaling appliance
  6. Navigation lights that meet the applicable standards set out in the Collision Regulations if the pleasure craft is operated after sunset and before sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility

Pleasure craft propelled by oars and pleasure craft 8 m (26’3”) or less in length within sight of navigational marks do not require a compass.