The start of our season…

Our staff have arrived and settled in, and have been preparing for what we hope will be a busy season! They’ve spent a lot of time out on the water warming up their paddling muscles and have also managed to test some new skills and equipment! Their dance skills have wildly improved in the last few weeks…

Kayak Ballet

Mirinda showing off the newest dance craze, kayak ballet


Nate doing the front deck boogie (not to be confused with the back deck boogie – similar but much more advanced)


Carolyn attempting the front deck crab walk!

The staff were also ableĀ  to demo some stand-up paddling equipment! They hated every minute of the sunny afternoon they got to take off work and spend paddling in the lake… life sure is difficult up here!


Our staff have become hooked on the paddling craze that is sweeping the nation! We hope they don’t decide to join the pro circuit and leave us in the dust!

It’s been a wonderful few weeks so far! More updates to come soon!