Take the Next Step: Naturally Superior Adventures’ Guided Weekly Escapes

So you’ve done a bit of day paddling around the cottage or taken a weekend guided sea kayak trip. The next step—whether you’re looking to progress to sea kayak trips on your own or simply want a lengthier adventure on Lake Superior—is to sign up for a Weekly Escape with Naturally Superior Adventures. These fully-guided and –outfitted five- to seven-day sea kayak tours capture some of the best scenic highlights of Lake Superior in timeframes that jive with your vacation schedule—and give you ample time to fall into the restorative rhythm of sea kayak camping on the Big Lake.

Each of our Weekly Escape tours has its unique attributes. The five-day, out-and-back trip along the Lake Superior Highlands coast to the Dog River and Denison Falls is a NSA signature offering. This novice-friendly adventure features moderate paddling days, Caribbean-like beaches and enough rocky headlands to give you a sense of Lake Superior’s rugged side. The highlight of this 55-kilometre (30-mile) paddle is the day-hike to Denison Falls. This awe-inspiring 40-metre (150-foot) cascade is the most spectacular waterfall in the Lake Superior watershed, a favourite of legendary Canadian canoeist and filmmaker Bill Mason.

Our five-day Lake Superior Provincial Park trip is another classic. On this five-day tour you’ll experience the full gamut of Lake Superior coastline features, including sand and cobblestone beaches, cliffs, bays and islands. The Gargantua area is rich in aboriginal lore, with significant cultural sites like Nanabozho’s Rock and Devil’s Warehouse Island. The atmosphere at Gargantua sizzles with mysterious energy. Great side hikes on the Coastal Trail also highlight this diverse 70-kilometre (45-mile) trip.

Northern Lake Superior’s Slate Islands are one spot you’re sure to see woodland caribou. This doughnut-shaped archipelago is home to a remnant population of this endangered species, which thrives in the island’s undeveloped, predator-free wilderness. The Slates boast unique geology that’s attracted the likes of NASA—the islands’ geology has its roots as the upwelling of a meteorite impact. Our five-day tour offers many options for sheltered or exposed paddling. Depending on weather conditions we may set up a basecamp or venture to the rugged outer coast of Patterson Island.

Finally, Michipicoten Island captures the best of Lake Superior. You’ll begin and end this seven-day trip with a powerboat shuttle across big water. At Michipicoten itself, you’ll encounter woodland caribou and catch a glimpse of the failed dreams of a commercial empire—abandoned mine shafts and a vacant fishing village that was once home to a population of 200 people. Today, Michipicoten Island is bathed in a profound sense of isolation—it’s truly a world apart.