Featured Trip: Slate Islands

“The Slates” are a little island archipelago not as well known as some of the other bigger islands on Lake Superior, only about 14km off the north shore near Terrace Bay.   Most of the land is protected as a Provincial Park however there are no facilities or user fees.

There are 2 main islands and a handful of smaller islands to explore.  One of the unique features is the geology of these islands. Although not made of slate at all, the islands are a result of a meteorite crater impact and has one of the best known examples of shatter cones (located in McGreevy Harbour).  Some other neat aspects of this trip include an almost-guaranteed siting of caribou (there are no predators on the island so the population keeps growing until it crashes naturally).  There is also a lighthouse on the south side of Patterson Island.

If the weather is agreeable you can circumnavigate the entire archipelago but you have options if the lake kicks up as well.  In between Patterson and Mortimer islands is a great sheltered channel with plenty of coves to explore.  A number of human history remains can be found including the Devil’s Roost and the Come and Rest.  Because of the proximity to shore, you will most likely see more people; kayakers, sailboats and others out and about than you would on some other sections of the lake. We take a boat shuttle out and back from the islands to save on doing the open water crossing.

Take this as a guided sea kayak trip with Naturally Superior Adventures:

When this trip is offered: Sun July 24-Fri July 29 2011.  Meet at 2pm on Sunday

Cost: $1650 (includes: Full guiding and outfitting, meals, boat shuttles, one night accommodation.
Note: registration is limited for this trip due to space on the boat shuttle.

For more details or to register check out the website listing…

Slate Island Shuttle

Geology on the Slate Islands

sunrise slate islands

slate island lighthouse

Slate Island Geology

Devil's Roost Slate Islands

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