NSA Open for Business.

We don’t have an official opening day.  We just plug away, getting stuff ready for the season while more and more staff trickle in.  Since we’ve already had one group out on a 4 day trip on Lake Superior and have also ran our first Sea Kayak Level I Paddle Canada Skills course,  had a handful of people stay at the lodge plus shuttled some folks up to the Dog River so they could paddle back.  I’d say we are officially open for business.

The paddle shop/office has got a fresh coat of paint and most of our gear is back on the shelves.   We’ll send some folks down the Agawa River later this month, host a Wilderness Medical Associates advanced first aid course and start our Sea kayak Level II skills course before the month is out.

So far it looks like an average busy summer- not bad considering the down turn in economy everyone keeps speaking of.