Wave watchers- gales of november come early

The storm of the decade is here.  Winds are recking havoc here on Rock Island.  A few trees came down already.  One on the road to our place.  I had to park the car and walk the last 15 mins in.  Guest staying in the lodge couldn’t leave in a rush this morning- luckily they were all about watching the waves too.  We’ve lost 2 supports off the front deck.  Hopefully the rest doesn’t get washed away.

A few folks from town have been down to check out the wave action.  Winds recorded on our weather station reached a max of 113km/hr (or about 60 knots)- gusts though, not sustained.  It took a while for the waves to build since the winds started in the southeast and we are pretty sheltered from that direction.  Once they swung around to the southwest the waves built and as the day progressed they shifted even more to the west.

Here are some photos- not a great day for photography since the lens kept getting wet and it was hard to keep from blowing off the rocks.