Don’t confuse blueberries with blue berries

The blueberry picking season in our area is more than fantastic.  They grow in plethora just north of town in an area officially known as the Magpie Terrace Conservation Reserve, which is so much more appealing than the locally known name which is the “Fume Kill” or the “Badlands”.  The area was susceptible to the emissions from the old iron ore mine and was the subject of a fire many years ago.  As a result blueberries, which are a successional species, grow everywhere.  As all good things come to an end the forest will be reclaimed by tall grasses, small shrubs and eventually bigger trees.

The blueberry picking season is coming to a close but there is still some good picking to be had.  Just don’t confuse blueberries for the Blue Bead Lily.  They are mildly toxic and wouldn’t taste very good in pancakes either.

Blue bead lily