Surfing Lake Superior

Kayak Surfing that is!

Last week we had a storm hit Lake Superior that ranked #2 of the best-worst storms of the Great Lakes in history, according to The Weather Network.  The #1 ranked storm was from Jan 26, 1978.  Apparently the barometric pressure with this storm was the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane, states one of their meteorologist.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot of paddling going on here that day with winds clocked on our weather meter at 113km/hour.  You wouldn’t be able to keep your paddle in your hand.

However, the day after, the swells had evened out and created a nice, albeit crazy, ride into shore.  Perfect for kayak surfing.  Here are a few shots of Conor Mihel, Ray Boucher and Ryan Siegel, from NSA getting trashed on Celery Beach (around the corner from NSA- see the map).

Photo credits to Joel Cooper and Megan Gamble