The answer is simple…. You will have direct control over the ingredients that go into your soap. In our world today, we often give into the easy route and purchase foods that are simple and processed instead of healthy foods that work with our bodies. Soap is the same.

Most commercial produced bars contain synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, and a slew of chemicals we can’t even pronounce; and we aren’t even going there in this discussion.

Join us and learn how to make this switch to natural health care for you and your family. You will not only reap the benefits, but handmade soap makes nice gifts!


During this workshop you’ll learn the basics of soap making and make your own 2 lb. block of soap yielding 10-12 bars. All material and equipment supplied. Should you wish to bring an apron for cleanliness! Please do so.

Budget: $65 per person, maximum 8 people. Please book to hold your place. Pay at the office when you arrive.

Instructors Bill Weaver and Kathy Kujala are naturalists at heart. Kathy is a freelance photographer and Bill a retired physician. Their summer home is a rocky island centered amongst 3 pictograph sites in the heart of Cree territory. In 2015, they published their first book. ‘MUZZINABIKON: An Introduction to the Sacred: Dreaming Rocks’ ISBN 978-1-32-084645-5