Northland College Poetry Installment, Week 5

For this week, our author is Callan Godshalk! Enjoy, everyone!

The lake is full of power

The temperature makes me want to cower.

Not a chance anything could flower

Because in the cold, nothing would last even an hour

However, once you get 5 feet down, the water will not be sour

Because it will be clean

My strength comes from the lake

It’s origins and stories are not fake

Even about the lives and souls the spirits take

The right choices and decisions you must make

Because the lake is dangerous for Pete’s sake

I am connected with Superior connections

From the first day of our OO trip

To the last time we will all takes a dip

And the next time we raise our glasses for a sip

When the waters are rough and makes us tip

Even after Dom and Stacie get in the van and their pants go rip

Even when kids are kids and teachers get terse

So mad some may leave in a verse

And then people will take my purse

And spend all my money

So I can’t buy stuff for my honey

Not even a bunny or a jus of honey

Even when she has a rumbly in her tummy

The lake is awesome

Surrounded by balsams

Full of people that our dumb

And those that are fun

The lake is what makes us get out of bed

And see what the weather god’s have said.

Thanks, Callan! Happy Thursday, everyone.