Northland College Poetry Installation, Week 4

This week’s poem is from Jake McCrinnis. Enjoy!!

The lake is the thread that holds me together

Like snow or my moosehide moccasins.

She’s everywhere and everything.

My strength comes in some mysterious way,

Some dour, hidden, secretive corner of my soul.

I search for that which I do not ever know.

I am connected to the Lake in some mysterious way.

It is a trot in the dour,

Tangible as slippery driftwood, yet still unknown.

I am connected to the lake in a manner I don’t understand.

She is there, on the verge of my dreams.

Hiding in my heart, whispering from my soul.

My strength comes from rocky coastlines.

It sings from hills ablaze in autumnal glory.

It ripples out from dour water lakes.

The lake is me, I am the Lake.

My spirit is forever entwined with her water

When you think of me, think first of this place.

Thanks Jake! Have a great weekend everyone!