Experienced Equipment Sale Now On!

Every year we sell off our entire fleet of boats and gear to make way for new stuff for next year.  It is a great opportunity for folks to buy a kayak or canoe and still have enough time left in the season to try it out.

Some of our kayak fleet includes; Boreal Designs’ Fjiord, Necky Looksha IV and Narpa, Current Designs’ Alaho and Squall, Seaward’s Chilco, Quest and Navigator.  We also have some tandem boats for sale’ Seaward’s  Southwind and Passat plus a few plastic ones as well.

If you are in the market for a canoe, we’ve got boats from Nova Craft (16 and 17 foot Royalex), Wennonah and Evergreen.

You can also pick up accessories for your new-found boat- paddles, spray skirts, throw bags, paddlefloats, and pumps.

You can find all the items, short description and the prices here.