Eastern Superior Spring River Rush …. “At Risk”

Thanks to http://www.lakesuperiorpark.ca for image updates on the Sand River in lake Superior Park. The situation on the Sand likely is similar to what you will find on the Dog, Agawa and Pukaskwa. The White has a much larger watershed so will have more water. Happy paddling.

Sand River March 15. “Snow depth in the interior of the park was 80 cm/30 in. earlier this week. Interior lakes have 1 to 2′ of solid ice”.






Sand River honking March 18. “The Sand River is at spring flood levels. Warm temperatures (20C+/68F+ at Agawa Bay on March 18) plus heavy rain on March 12 have produced big flows in the river”.






Sand River April 3. “There is very little snow left in the watershed. There is very little rain forecasted through to April 18”.