Canoe Across Canada

Pam and Geoff, a couple who are canoeing across Canada, stopped in here for a brief visit yesterday. They’ve been in the Wawa area recharging during some wind days for the last few days and we had the pleasure of meeting them! The journey began in 2007 on the west coast, and this year the trip is on the magnificent Superior. The newest addition to their crew is Jude, born last October – he’s not much of a paddler yet (the paddles are a little heavy) but is a great companion to have in the boat and at camp. Taq is their Alaskan Malamute who acts as bear alert, friend, and warm partner on cold nights. It’s quite a trip these folks are on and we’re glad to have met them! I went down to take some pictures as they left from our beach – honestly I couldn’t pass up the chance to see a canoe filled with 2 adults, a baby, a giant dog and gear. It was an awesome sight. Follow along with their journey at

Good luck Pam, Geoff, Jude and Taq!