Best of the Lake

Best of the Lake

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Green Initiatives

We are taking measures to minimize the impact we have on the environment. Here are a few things we do that may help you feel good about choosing us for your vacaction, wedding venue or corporate function.

  • 1% of our revenue goes to supporting the Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council.
  • We use china flatware and stainless steel cutlery instead of disposable.
  • We shop locally.
  • We buy our supplies from Canadian Companies when ever we can (although probably not a green initiative, we think it makes for good business practice).
  • We use treated well water not individually bottled water.
  • We cut paper use by offering electronic information, communication and registration.
  • We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • We use paper products with a high recycled content.
  • We encourage our guests to re-use linens and towels.
  • We wash our laundry in an energy-efficient front-end load machine using cold water.
  • We have eliminated single-use products such as creamers, sugar packets, shampoos and soap.
  • We recycle paper, plastic and metal products.
  • We provide local, organic and vegetarian food and beverage options.
  • We compost all organic matter from our kitchen.
  • We bring reusable bins to the grocery store to avoid using plastic bags.
  • We implement energy saving practices such as turning off lights when not in use, using low energy light bulbs & open windows in lieu of air conditioning.

We hope that in the future we can strive towards making our own energy and getting "off the grid".