Best of the Lake

Best of the Lake

The view from here

Experience yourself at Rock Island Lodge.

We know that not everybody can be so fortunate to be here all the time like we can, so we've added some video for you to watch so that you can pretend you are here with us.  We hope to keep adding to this section.


The call of the Loons

The Sounds of Summer:

You can almost feel refreshed after this dive into Lake Superior. It can always be summer in your mind if you choose.

River Mouth Daily Shots:

This is a shot of the river mouth as it flows into Lake Superior. A picture was taken everyday through the summer to show the changing sand spit.

Dive Down and Drink it in:

Yes, we encourage it.

A quick video of some the fall storms we can get on site. Sorry- no sound though.

Here is a zippy little overview of the lodge and services