Best of the Lake

Best of the Lake

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What Shall We Do Today?

Learn to Kayak

Learn all you need to start paddling efficiently and safely.  You'll spend the morning learning with a certified instructor, then join us for a hearty lunch at the lodge.  The boat is yours for an afternoon of paddling and exploring on your own.... more info.

Take a Kayak Day Triplearning to kayak

One of our guides from Naturally Superior Adventures will take you out to experience the majestic beauty of Lake Superior as you paddle out the mouth of the Michipicoten River onto the largest fresh water lake in the World. We'll provide the kayaks, all the necessary equipment, and a hearty lunch. You just arrive in appropriate clothing ready to paddle! If Lake Superior is too rough, there's always the Michipicoten River, where you can explore the site of the old Voyageur Trading Post, or paddle in the mist of the lower Silver Falls.

Day trips arrive back at the lodge in time for you to enjoy your evening, whether it be a meal at our lodge, or sitting out on the rocks taking in the sunset and reflecting on a beautiful day. ...more info

Take A Self-Guided Eco-tourFront deck overlooking Lake Superior 

Michipicoten River Day Trip

Enjoy a leisurely paddle down the scenic Michipicoten River. We’ll shuttle you to the start and provide a map/eco-guide along with fully outfitted canoe or sea kayak. Previous paddling experience needed. Bring snacks, water, etc. See the map...
Reservations requested.

Bridget Lake Day Hike

This day-long adventure explores the Voyageur Trail south of Rock Island Lodge and is suitable for hikers in good physical shape. The trail features spectacular views of Lake Superior from elevated lookouts. We provide vehicle shuttle, map/eco-guide and canoe for your paddle back across the Michipicoten River. Bring a lunch, water, etc.

Bumpy Water BasicsBumpy Water

Learn to surf waves and paddle bumpy water at the mouth of the mighty Michipicoten River. We’ll tailor the session according to your skills and the conditions. Skills include rough water, surf safety and rescue; currents; forward, back and side surfing; even enders!
Subject to conditions. Call ahead.


Stand-up paddling (SUP)

Originating from the waves of Hawaii, SUP is now the fastest growing paddlesport in the world. Benefits include improving balance and strengthening of core and legs. We’ll show you how to get up, correct board stance and efficient paddling techniques. More info on tours and lessons...

Stand up Paddling

Personalized paddling Instruction

Have a family or group with specific instructional needs? Looking for private lessons? Are you organizing a school, scout or camp group? We have a staff of certified sea kayak and qualified canoe instructors at your service. Call for a price quote.

Rent a Boat and Do Your Own Thing

We have a fleet of single and tandem kayaks and canoes- you choose. You can leave from our site or we can drop you off somewhere and you can paddle back.
Check out our Rental and Shuttle Prices.

Hiking in Lake Superior Provincial Park

Take A Hike!

Just because we attract a lot of paddlers to our site, doesn't mean you have to paddle! There are a lot of other terra-firma activities that will keep your feet busy. (More detailed descriptions are available.)

  • Walk to the Medicine Cave- about 25mins one way.
  • Hike from Silver Falls to High Falls- leave a car at one end 1½-2 hours one way or 3-4 hrs return.
  • Explore Driftwood Beach- it's 2km of sand beach. Take as long as you like! While Front deck ~ Rock Island Lodgeyou're there check out Fort Friendship- Wawa's first (and now neglected) tourist attraction.
  • Hike the Bridgit Lake Trail- Pack a lunch! Part of the Voyageur Trail, start just off the highway, hike along Lake Superior, past Bridgit Lake out on to Driftwood Beach. Take a canoe shuttle back across the river to Rock Island.
  • Day hikes in Lake Superior Park include: 
    • Nokomis- 5km moderate loop.
    • South Old Woman Trail-2.5km moderate loop.
    • Peat Mountain-11km demanding loop.
    • Trapper's Trail-1.5km easy loop.
    • Orphan Lake Trail- 8km moderate loop.
    • Pinguisibi/Sand River Trail-6km return easy linear trail.
    • Awausee Trail-10km demanding loop.


See What Else There is to do in the Area

The town of Wawa is only a 10 minute drive away. Here you will be able to find restaurants, bars, a grocery store, beer and liquor store and modest shopping.

Do Absolutely Nothing At All!

Decision making is hard in the fresh I take my nap before or after my swim?